SJSUOpen is a public platform where potential students, parents, and advisors can ask major and general questions about San José State University. With current students and faculty ready to help, incoming students can better prepare themselves for the start of the semester.

This platform will be monitored by current SJSU employees, student assistants, and student ambassadors from different majors. As users post new questions, “Peers,” student ambassadors and “Pros,” faculty and SJSU employees, certify answers for users to feel secure about their information received.


As potential students enter our platform, we want them to feel welcome and a part of SJSU. The overall feeling of the interface is meant to convey friendliness, reliability, and simplicity for students to feel at ease while exploring. With a simple layout and exciting photographs, we aim to create an engaging experience that requires minimal effort when getting information needed.



The branding used for SJSUOpen is part of San José State University branding system with blue and gold color. The logo is designed with a unique  SJSU Spartan Typeface.

User Flow

The flow of the website is meant to be simple, allowing users to complete a task without having to navigate through multiple pages.





Upon entering SJSUOpen, users are greeted with the phrase “Ask us anything”. Incoming students, parents, and community are invited to post questions answered by a peer or pro.

If users need more specification they can post a new question. They have the option of receiving a text or email notification once it is answered.

Open Talk

Open Talk is an hour weekly live chat, where potential students can get direct information from a Peer or Pro who is from specific department. During the Open Talk session, users will be able to see a live stream window where they are able to listen in and post a question.



The explore section gives the user opportunities to discover new possibilities within San Jose State from different majors, student life, and general information. Students questions are answered by Peers from a specific major who will speak in the student language when sharing their experience with potential students.



  • Making help more accessible
  • Better communication with students
  • Solving under staff problem
  • FAQ data pool overtime
  • Improve SJSU public image
  • Increase students engagement
  • Good way to get feedback and understand students’ concern


As time goes, this platform will build up a large amount of data on students' common issues and questions. San José State University will be able to understand potential students and provide better help for them. Although, SJSUOpen is directed towards potential students during pre-enrollment process, it can also help current students, parents, high school counselors, and community college advisors to get necessary information. SJSUOpen will always be opened to public because trusted source of information is important.