Pre-enrollment is a period when potential students, parents, and advisors find necessary information to apply at San José State University. During this time, finding information that is clear, accurate, and precise is important. We want to create a more engaging experience by re-imagining how potential students receive beneficial information and proper guidance. Through discovery and design, we aim to create solutions to address this issue.




  • Potential students
  • Counselors
  • Department advisors
  • Orientation coordinator
  • Marketing and Communications


  • Parents
  • Family
  • Friends
  • SJSU Students
  • SJSU Alumni
  • Competitor schools

Target Audience


  • High School Seniors
  • Transfer Students


In order to understand the pre-enrollment process at San José State University, our team conducted a variety of interviews, surveys, and case studies. We interviewed SJSU staff and students, community college advisors,  and students from other universities. We also had students and major advisors participate in our survey.

24 Interviews


2 Surveys

  • 12
    SJSU Staff & Students
    (Major Advisors, Admission VP & Staffs, & , Transfer & Frosh Students)
  • 3
    Community College Advisors
    (SJC Transfer Ambassador & Counselors)
  • 9
    Students from Competitors
    UCSC, UCSD, CSU East Bay, Fullerton, SAC State, SF State
  • 27
  • 24
    Major Advisors


Admission Statistics

Out of a 46,000 undergraduate students that apply to San José University every year, only half are admitted. Less than ⅓ of all admitted students decide to enroll.




Based on our research, we found that potential students are overwhelmed with information and unable to receive answers within a timely manner. With the variety of problems and different backgrounds, advisors have difficulty in meeting the needs of every student. We found that most of the important information is given to students during their mandatory orientation. However, many of the orientation dates are scheduled at a later stage of pre-enrollment, making it harder for students to meet enrollment deadlines.




During orientation, advisors are able to give students general information about academics, finance, and student life. However with the given time, advisors have difficulty fulfilling the needs of every student.

Potential Students

Students have a variety of concerns when seeking guidance during pre-enrollment. Within our findings, students often felt confused and overwhelmed with given information during orientation.


  • Information can be more clear and speak to students
  • Student ambassadors for programs
  • Useful self service
  • Info sessions, outreach workshop, and  shadow day
  • Online help center
  • Student to student
  • Clearer path for resources

Areas for Improvement

  • Major department is hard to reach
  • Communication language is hard to understand
  • Students have a hard time getting comfortable with new information and new environment
  • Website and marketing material are not helpful
  • Instructions are unclear to potential students


Based on feedback and suggestions, in order to solve issues with guidance and information, we found opportunities to create a platform that is fast, simple, and useful. This platform will tackle different issues involving overwhelming and confusing information for the potential students, parents, and advisors. For direct help, potential students ar able to interact with current San José State University students and faculty.